0 Comments | Urdhva Tech | 2014-06-11 | Tags: SugarCRM7 Duplicate Check

Disable duplicate check on fields in SugarCRM7

Out of some requirements and many requests on forum about how to Disable duplicate check on fields while saving the record. Lets look at the scenario of what we are trying to achieve. For an example we are taking Contacts module and removing its "First Name" and "Last Name" field from duplicate check.

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0 Comments | Urdhva Tech | 2014-06-06 | Tags: SugarCRM7 SubPanel

How to add Subpanel top button on SugarCRM 7

This blog will explain in detail how to add a button on Subpanel in SugarCRM 7. We will be adding a “Add Exams” button on Exams Subpanel (Custom module) of Contact detail view.

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0 Comments | Urdhva Tech | 2014-03-02

Head bang series (iii)

Head bang series (iii) : A series which has some weird behaviors and more weird solutions!!

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0 Comments | Urdhva Tech | 2014-01-30

Export Workflows (PRO+)

At times it happens to developers that they create workflows on their working copy and find it difficult to export to client's copy.

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0 Comments | Urdhva Tech | 2013-10-11

How to make a field required only if creating a record

How to make a field mandatory only if creating a record?

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