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Lead Grabber

Generating new leads is always a big task for any business. Usually we begin with very less chunk of information such as name, email address or company. Crawling over internet gathering more information of the prospect is a huge pain, Specially when you are looking out for lots of leads to be pushed to the CRM for your sales team to follow up.

LinkedIn / Xing is one of the best source to get the High quality leads. Imagine a CRM admin or a Marketing manager browsing through each LinkedIn / Xing profiles and pushing out them manually into CRM. A sure pain taking process when you have thousands of profiles to go through and sending it to the sales team.

With the latest release of "Lead Grabber" transferring the LinkedIn / Xing profiles to SugarCRM or SuiteCRM is made simple. With Lead Grabber you can create leads in your CRM in just one click. This not only reduces admin's or managers time in gathering information but also free them to focus more on engaging them.


Lead Grabber is an Chrome Extension which is free to download. Which works for LinkedIn / Xing sending profile information to SugarCRM or SuiteCRM. Installing the extension and setting it up you will see an icon on the toolbar. Browse through any of the LinkedIn / Xing Profile and click the Lead Grabber Icon you will see the LinkedIn / Xing  profile values populated into the extension window,that will allow you to edit or add more information about lead. The extension allows you to save the profile as a Lead or Contact into the CRM and also checks the duplication against the email address, primary address country and account name(for Leads Only) and allow you to merge records field by field that is already in your CRM. While saving Contacts, plugin will check for the Account Name existance in CRM instance. If it is exist, Contacts is relate with it else new Account will create and relate to Contact record.

Features : 
1) Import LinkedIn profile to SugarCRM or SuiteCRM
2) Import Xing profile to SugarCRM or SuiteCRM
3) Identify the duplicate records and allow user to merge record.
4) Get the profiles either Contact or Lead in to SugarCRM or SuiteCRM
5) Assign Lead directly to Sales User
6) Relate profile to specific Target List.
7) Jump to view the record in CRM at a click of button.




Gets LinkedIn & Facebook (not accurate) profiles

Creates only Leads

No choice of editing information before saving

Lead Grabber


Gets LinkedIn / Xing Profiles

Get profiles as Contacts or Leads

Prefills profile values to a popup

Improved UI

Allows editing values

Checks for duplicate values based on email address

Allow merge field to existing record

Assign Lead directly to sales user

Relate profile to specific Target List

Jump to view the record in CRM at a click of button