See the different layouts of the Tag management plugin. Screenshots from predefine tag creation, manage regular users, field creation, different layouts, Mass update tags, subpanels, Tag Cloud dashlet, Tags global search.

tagMe 4.0 - Tag management for SuiteCRM

Urdhva Tech a leader in CRM Consulting and Development, proudly announces its newer version of tagMe 4.0 Plugin. One of the finest SuiteCRM Tags Management plugin developed with a great care.

Tag management is the ability to manage user-generated tags within the system. Tagging is fundamentally a means to classify data to make it structured and ultimately useful.

Through Tag Management user can handle large amounts of records with similar attributes or types. User can also easily find any contents, important customer, important notes etc. through appropriate tagging.

Now you can organize your SuiteCRM data in better way by using tagMe - The complete Tag Management and Tag cloud solution for SuiteCRM, supported for all the flavours of SuiteCRM.

Using tagMe4.0 admin user can create predefine tags with the appropriate color. Admin user can also restrict the regular users to create new tag.

The SuiteCRM Tag management plugin allows users to tag records of any module across system, native or custom. The Tag Cloud for SuiteCRM is appropriate for all sales and marketing scenarios.


  •   Add tagMe field type to any module
  •   Allow tag search from ListView
  •   Add predefined tags and configure color of the tag
  •   Option to allow or prevent creation of tags for non-admin users
  •   Configurable auto suggest limit
  •   Mass update tags with option Add or Replace
  •   Tag Cloud Dashlet (Display tags based on density of tags are assigned to record)
  •   Search tags for any module that have tags field created (Tags global search)
  •   Click on tags from Detail View, redirects to List view with predefined field search
  •   Import Tags

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