0 Comments | Urdhva Tech | 2016-12-07

Tag Management : tagMe Plugin for SuiteCRM

Tag management is the ability to manage user-generated tags within the system. Tagging is fundamentally a means to classify data to make it structured and ultimately useful.

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0 Comments | Urdhva Tech | 2016-07-07

WebToModule : Create WebToLeadForm other than Leads Module

Not able to create WebToLeadForm for any module except Leads? Use this WebToModule. You can able to create WebForms for any module including the custom one.

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0 Comments | Urdhva Tech | 2015-10-14

Grab leads to CRM just by a click from LinkedIn / XING

Adding leads to SugarCRM or SuiteCRM made super easy.. One click captures the contact information from LinkedIn/XING profiles.

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