1 Comments | Urdhva Tech | 2015-05-28 | Tags: ListView MultiSelect Search Custom Operator

MultiSelect Field In Advance Search With Custom Operator

Interesting request has been asked by one of our client. Would love to share it! Question : Search on MultiSelect field with the custom AND,OR and NOT operator.

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0 Comments | Urdhva Tech | 2015-03-18

Better use of SPACE!

Better use of space on larger screens by adding more columns to Edit / Detail views.

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0 Comments | Urdhva Tech | 2014-10-01

Reverse the ListView Action buttons

Interesting question asked on community forum, would love to share its solution! Question : Can we do a reversal of ListView Action buttons ?

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0 Comments | Urdhva Tech | 2014-09-22 | Tags: SubPanel Manifest SugarCRM7

Add field in subpanel through Manifest in SugarCRM7

Today I came across the requirement in which I have to add the field in subpanel using manifest. I have "Student" module which is related with the "Subject" module. Subject subpanel is displayed under the "Student" module. I have requirement to add field in "Subject" subpanel through Manifest.

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0 Comments | Urdhva Tech | 2014-06-27 | Tags: SugarCRM7 Filter Dropdown Parent Module

Filter records based on parent module's dropdown field in SugarCRM7

Filter records based on parent module's dropdown field in SugarCRM7.

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