Adobe Sign SuiteCRM Installation guide

Navigate to Admin > Module Loader and select the zip file, that you would have received upon the purchase. Follow the installation process.

Once the add-on is installed successfully, you have to provide a valid license. Go to Admin and access “Adobe Sign Configuration” link shown as below.

Adobe Sign admin setting

Provide the license key that you have received upon purchase and validate it.

Adobe Sign license validation

Get your Adobe Sign account from and get your API keys

portal login screen

Create the “Application ID and Client Secrets” if doesn’t exist.

Adobe Sign account API
Adobe Sign create application
Adobe Sign provide application id and client secrets

Configure the OAuth for the Application created and copy the Redirect URI from CRM configuration and paste it to the Adobe Sign “Redirect URI”.

Adobe Sign configure OAuth
Adobe Sign configure OAuth redirect url

You have to Enable the Scope from the OAuth Configuration as well.

Adobe Sign configure OAuth scope

On CRM, Navigate to Admin -> “Adobe Sign configuration” and Provide the “Application ID/Client ID” and “Consumer Secret”.

Adobe Sign SuiteCRM admin configuration

Navigate to Admin -> “Schedulers” and create 2 Schedulers and set the frequency as per the needs.

Adobe Sign SuiteCRM schedulers