• Select module
  • Select field(s) to display in webform
  • Set Default Value
  • Select required field(s)
  • Select field(s) for which duplicaton should be checked on
  • Select auto-response,teams & Google reCaptcha
  • Webform in browser
  • View record in CRM
  • Try to update record in CRM
  • View updated record in CRM

WebToModule For SugarCRM

A web-to-lead form is an essential component of marketing and sales automation. Its purpose is to capture data submitted by website visitors, such as contact information and product interest, and store it as a “Lead” record in a SugarCRM product.

WebToModule serves a lot more than a simple web-to-lead, it allows the company to gather data to any pre-built or custom module of the SugarCRM. With additional features and more control over the standard webforms.

Unlike basic leads forms that may only for lead specific field. But what if your customer base is different and you need them to be add data in specified module, Here we come in existance, By our web to module, You can create a web form for any built-in or custom module in your SugarCRM, so you will have customer specific, personalized information about the data you are capturing for your customer. Having this information helps your business to get more qualified and accurate data in your CRM. other then this their are many features equipped with this webtomodule as below.



  •  Supports Built-in and custom modules
  •  Fully HTML5 based WebForms
  •  Leverage to choose custom fields for the WebForms
  •  Able to set the default value for fields
  •  Ability to mark field as hidden
  •  Google reCaptcha for prevent spamming
  •  Auto-Response Email Notification
  •  Creation / Updation / Duplicate Prevention
  •  Assign record to specific user
  •  Assign record to security groups
  •  Ability to collect documents

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