• Create DocParser record
  • DocParser choose relationship data
  • DocParser option at relationship data
  • DocParser template body
  • Parse Document button in detailview
  • DocParser select template to download PDF/Doc
  • DocParser generated PDF
  • DocParser save to Documents option
  • Accounts DetailView with Documents subpanel
  • DocParser ListView option

DocParser for SuiteCRM export related module data in a pdf or word file

For any business organization, generating mail-merge or related module's information documents is essential requirement.

DocParser for SuiteCRM is a tool that can be used to export information from any module into a presentation-quality document and create an MS Word and PDF documents.

  •  Easily generate WordDoc/PDF from any module your users need.
  •  DocParser allows to either download document or relate it within SuiteCRM's Documents module.
  •  Generated WordDoc/PDF can also include the records from relational module. For example, we have template for Contact module with information about related Meetings, Tasks or Cases. Now, when you want to have all the information in single Word/PDF. You just need to download document from DetailView of that particular Contact's profile.
  •  The document can be generated from DetailView and ListView.
  •  User's will have a button on DetailView from where he will have the option to choose Word Doc, PDF or relate it with SuiteCRM's Documents module.
  •  If a user wants to have download multiple documents in one shot. He can download it via List View button. Each record will be parsed individually and it generates Zip file to download. Similarly, If you want to relate document in one shot. It can be achieved from List view itself.

DocParser a complete solution for relational data merge and export

Export information from any combination of modules

The DocParser can merge default as well as custom module's related data into a predefined MS Word or PDF document.

Export multiple records from related modules

Creates a document with parsed data from one-many relationships and many-many relationships. For example, when generating a document from the Account module, include information from the related contacts, calls, meetings, opportunities, etc modules for the account.

Mass Record Parsing from Module List Views

From the module's list views, select multiple records to create multiple parsed documents (1 for each record). For example, When in the Accounts list view, select multiple accounts and generate a document of address labels or letter templates for those accounts.

Export and save to the related Document module or Download it locally

Download the document locally or Relate the parsed document to the linked document module. The file then will be accessible by anyone within SuiteCRM. You can choose between downloading the final merged file as either an MS Word or PDF document.

Send parsed documents using workflow

You can set a workflow as per your need and able to send a parsed document as attachments. You can select an email template for content and DocParser template for attachment.

Create custom filters for the related record

It allows you to add N number of filters to the related module by our easy-to-use filter criteria. By adding multiple filters for the same will apply AND condition to have data of specific records only.

DocParser Features

  •  Export and download a document from built-in and a custom module.

  •  Create multiple templates for different use.

  •  Create an engaging template with the help of provided sample templates.

  •  Generate bulk letter from a single click.

  •  Option to set Sorting, Numbering, record limit and an additional blank column for further process.

  •  Allow generate a document and relate with default Documents module.

  •  Have an option to download the document in MS Word or PDF format.

  •  Send parsed document as attachment via Workflow.

  •  Create custom filters for the related record.

Sample Templates

Account profile

A company profile that gives you all the information necessary from its own detail to the related information like Contacts, Opportunities, Meetings, Cases, etc. The templates are configurable to add information on the related modules.

SuiteCRM export accounts and related module data

SuiteCRM export meetings and related module data

Meeting with attendees

Prepare a list of invites for a meeting with all necessary information before the meeting, Let Docparser help you in collect all the information and present it on your own custom designed templates.

Project overview

Winning a big project is exciting, but it’s not the end of the road. For most business models, each project incurs lots of project tasks, production, delivery, quality assurance, testing, invoicing etc. Docparser helps in providing you a presentable project relevant information with tasks and the related resource.

SuiteCRM Parsed project, project tasks and project resource

SuiteCRM Parsed cases and case updates

Case with Case updates

Get the case and its update at a glance. Generate PDF or word of the case with fields like Case number, description, status, resolution along with the case update threads.

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