See the different layouts of the Dupdetector plugin. Screenshots for modules that would support Dupdetector, field configurations, and identifying duplicate matches.

Dupdetector - Duplicate record detector for SugarCRM

Often in your life you may have come across a situation where your precious and valuable CRM application have some duplicated records. Having duplicated data in your system means misguiding information, leads you to make wrong decisions.

When you have thousands of Accounts in your application, every time you add a new account, it is not very easy to check for duplicates.

Introducing the SugarCRM duplicate check plugin, helps in identifying duplicate record in SugarCRM. Instead of waiting until after you enter a new record's information to know if it's a duplicate, know after the first field if you're working on a duplicate. Say NO to redundant data! Improve your SugarCRM data quality by indicating duplicate values while creating new record.

The Dupdetector plugin works on any existing or custom field of varchar, name, phone type. It can be configured to prevent record from being saved or only popup notification prompting duplication.