DuplicateCleaner SuiteCRM Installation guide & User Guide

Navigate to Admin > Module Loader and select the zip file, that you would have received upon the purchase. Follow the installation process.

Once the add-on is installed successfully, Go to Admin and access the “Duplicate Cleaner Configuration” link shown below.

Duplicate Cleaner Admin Link

Provide the license key that you have received upon purchase and validate it.

Duplicate Cleaner License Key

Navigate to module “Duplicate Cleaner” and click “Create Duplicate Cleaner”. You will have following screen.

Duplicate Cleaner Configuration.

Module: Select module on which duplicates record will be checked.

Auto Process:Allows system to automatically merge the duplicate records and delete them. If this field is not checked then system finds the duplicate records but user has to manually merge the records. The duplicates records are stored into the module "Duplicates".

Merge Fields:The selected fields will be merged to the primary record. These fields are considered for the automatic merge only. It also available when Auto Process is checked.

Merge Relational Data:Copy the relationship data to the primary record. It is available when Auto Process is checked.

Primary Record Field:Identify the primary record on Date Created or Date modified field.

Primary Record Order:Choose the date order (Older/Newer) to decide the primary record.

Duplicate Cleaner Rules:Conditions on which duplicate records will be checked.AND operator will be applied between the selected condition.

Based on the previous step Duplicate Cleaner record look like as follows.

Duplicate Cleaner Record DetailView.

Based on Duplicate Cleaner record we have created into last step system has the duplicate record as follows. We want to find the duplicate records from the system which has same Email Address and Phone and Billing City is Ahmedabad.

We have selected Date Created as Primary Record field with the Ascending order into the Duplicate Cleaner record. Based on that first record is the primary record and second record is the duplicate record. When Duplicate Cleaner scheduler will be executed at that time second record will be deleted from the system and all the values along with the relationships from it, will be copied into the first(Primary) record.

Duplicate record into system.

Relationship data into the duplicate record.

Relationship data into the duplicate record.

In the Duplicate Cleaner record we have selected the Auto Process. To allow the system to automatically merge the duplicate records we must have to set the scheduler as follows.

Duplicate Cleaner Scheduler record into CRM.

After cron is executed duplicate record will be removed from the system and merge into the primary record. Following is the primary record after merged.

Duplicate Cleaner result after cron is executed.

Duplicate Cleaner also allows the Manual Merge. For that we have to uncheck the Auto Process checkbox.

Duplicate Cleaner Manual Merge Record.

Now when cron is executed at that time duplicate record is found but it not merge automatically. The duplicate records will be listed into the module Duplicates as follows. We have to click on the Manage Duplicate icon to merge them.

Data Cleaner Duplicates Listing.

Manual Merge Screen

Data Cleaner Manual Merge Screen.