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Voila, the theme looks much better after some correction we made.

With so many of our customers and leads asking for some correction to the SuiteCRM's new theme SuiteP. We are so excited to share the fine tuned look of SuiteP.

We got many request from our customers about the Large textbox, textareas and empty spaces which eats the major screen space on laptops and smaller devices.

We thought of giving them the satisfactory result to adapt the best product easily. Taking the latest version of SuiteCRM 7.7.7 we started to fine tune it in many major areas, and the results were the happy faces of customer checking the improved UI.

The major areas of changes were the Top menu, Empty space between the menu and the detailview, Large textbox, textareas, huge select boxes, Reduced button sizes. Improved the Calander quick create view so that the element can load up properly and have space between them, The popup has been increased in size.

We await for the community's response on the changes made. If sounds good we will share the changes in our next blog.

  • Top Menu size, Search box, Empty Spaces below menu, SuiteCRM Dashboard tab height and the Action button size (BEFORE)


  • Top Menu size, Search box, Empty Spaces below menu, SuiteCRM Dashboard tab height and the Action button size (AFTER)



  • List View (Before)



  • List View (After)


  • Detail View (Before)

  • Detail View (After)


  • Edit View (Before)


  • Edit View (After)


  • Calendar view (Before)


  • Calendar view (After)


  • Studio (Before)

  • Studio (After)

We have made many more improvements in the SuiteP theme in last couple of days, Many people have asked for the demo and immediately have asked for those improvements. Finally we are all set to share those changes, Refer our blog for more detail.

NOTE : We have made improvement to the theme as per our choice and on customer's demand. Their might be something which could have been left, but all in all the improved one looks nice and gives more space to breath.


Enjoy the improved view, Your likes and comments are appreciated.

NOTE: As SuiteCRM now incorporated most of the changes into the core SuiteCRM theme. So no further theme improvement is needed. 

  • Posted by rajkumar| Wednesday, 26 October 2016

    I need this Suitecrm them how will i get

  • Posted by Jose| Tuesday, 25 October 2016

    Wonderful!! May be you can create a new Theme called "SuiteP condensed" or something like that, a make pull request. So rhe user can choose between original theme and yours.

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