0 Comments | Urdhva Tech | 2013-01-14

Filter by related module's field

At times we have clients asking for similar requirement, that they want to filter results by related module's field.

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0 Comments | Urdhva Tech | 2012-11-11

Restricting editing a record conditionally

If you wish to restrict users to edit a record after for example, the Sales Stage is marked as "Closed Lost" or something similar kind, you have reached to a right place.

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0 Comments | Urdhva Tech | 2012-07-22 | Tags: Head bang

Head bang series (ii)

I have sent a test email campaign, went to see its status. See a chart, yeah, but when I click on sent bar, it does nothing! I dont see how many emails were not sent to which contacts!

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0 Comments | Urdhva Tech | 2012-04-29 | Tags: ListView

Remove Check box and Edit link from List View

Many times users find it necessary to remove the check box and/or edit links from the list view of any module.

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0 Comments | Urdhva Tech | 2012-04-28

Urdhva-Tech welcomes you!

Welcome to Urdhva-Tech's blog. We, at Urdhva-Tech work mostly on SugarCRM since 7 years. We have worked with small to medium to largest organizations to help them customize SugarCRM and to use it at its best extent.

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