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Greetings from Urdhva Tech!

Today I came across very famous head scratching issue of "Email Campaigns sent out from SugarCRM Not working!!" 

Once I did it for a client and did a smart save of the steps I performed! Voila!! 

Check 1 : You have to set up Campaign email from Campaigns > Set up Email. It will take a little time to test the configuration. (Not from Admin panel)

Check 2 : You need to confirm whether the cron job is set up correctly on server and running timely.

Check 3 : You should have valid Campaign, which has status = Active, Type = Email. Campaign should have Email marketing set up(It has to set up exactly at hours you want to send email at) for the targeted Target List. 

Check 4 : Target List should not be of type "Test".

Check 5 : Go to Campaign and Press Send Emails. And follow till end, which will queue up emails and then cron job will do the task.

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