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Greetings from Urdhva Tech!!
Starting a series which has some weird behaviours and more weird solutions!!
Oh my! I am missing 'Project Resource' subpanel under Project!!
(PRO+ versions)
I definitely saw "Project Resources" subpanel on developer copy, and I don't see on my copy!! Where did it go?? I check my files and try to figure out if I have ever done any customizations on Projects module. Nope! I go to Admin > Display Modules and Subpanels and check if my Contacts and Users subpanels are in Display block, and yes they are!! I reset user preferences!! My God, no effects!! Now I go back and check if my developer copy still has the subpanel, oh yes, its there!! Scratching head, pulling hair, wait!!
Solution > Admin > Display Modules and Subpanels > Make Projects subpanel visible!! Does not make sense, but WORKS!
Stay tuned for more!!
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