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buyer portal for suitecrm

How a Buyer portal can help you in your business ?

Now a days customer engagement is the key of any business, as we all know that the "customer is king", To gain customer's trust on your business, Give them a centric system where buyer can find all the information in one place. A personalized portal where all of the content, communication, purchase history is neatly organized. All the information is that is so handy even repeated orders can be placed by just a click without hunting everywhere on your website. 

If buyer have any question they can contact you as buyer self-service portal and raise a support ticket 24X7. or find solution themselves by reading a FAQ or based on previous customer experience using updated knowledge base.

Our experience with clients indicates users tend to neither need nor require many pieces of information. A key focus of the buyer portal should be on enabling them to process their request as quickly and as painless as possible.

Here are some highlights how buyer portal can be used in SuiteCRM

  • Buyer can access their Invoices , documents and allow to submit Lead if any.
  • Buyer can update his/her profile so, your CRM will have customer's up to date information.
  • Buyer can refer FAQ or knowledge base to find solution themself.
  • User friendly design to access point to point information.
  • Buyer portal is bidirectionally integrated with SuiteCRM using authenticated REST API access.



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