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A double opt-in email list is like any email based newsletter where people can sign-up through the webpage. What makes an email list “double opt-in” is that any person who subscribes must confirm their request twice.

When the user submits their email address to the web to lead form. For example, anyone who submits their name and email to your Web-form or newsletter at yourcompanyname.com must enter their first name and email address and then hit the button to submit their request to join the newsletter.


After the initial request is received in SuiteCRM a confirmation email is sent to the address the person enters information into the web to lead form. This is the second opt-in. The email contains a link which the recipient must click to confirm their subscription request. Once they have done this they have “double opted-in”.



Why Is Double Opt-In Important?

For few key reasons I believe it should be mandatory. The double opt-in confirms that the person who entered their email address actually wants to subscribe to the list or your products. If this extra confirmation is not present (single opt-in) then any person could enter any email address to sign-up any other person. It is important that only people who genuinely want to be on your list are signed up.

If you are using normal method of receiving email address from the web form, Someone may enter hundreds of fake email addresses to your subscription list, you would end up with a very poor quality list.

How To Set-Up Double Opt-In

I feel any one who creates the web to lead forms for SuiteCRM must incorporate this feature to build the genuine list of the customer.

- Double Opt-In can be achieved by creating a after save logic hook, such that when the lead comes in you mark the email address as Opt-out.
- The code should send an email with the custom entrypoint link, which when customer clicks you will be able to identify the crm record and confirm them as genuine subscriber and mark the record as Opt-in. 


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