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Greetings from Urdhva tech!

Few days ago, I came across a requirement, is it possible to have massupdation of multienum field type with either add or replace value?

The answer was YES! It was not that simple as SugarCRM doesn't provide this option(Add/Replace) to mass update for multienum (multi select) field type.

What I simply did,
- Created a custom action menu on ListView.
- Showed a dialog box to select (Add/Replace) value for any multienum (multiselect) field.

Action Menu on ListView

The option will appear only if you have any multienum field created for that module.
Multienum Dialog with Add/Replace option.
  • If you choose “Add”, selected value get added to selected records. 
  • If you choose “Replace”, it will delete old value and assign new value.
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