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Since SugarCRM has born, the most loved thing about this product is it's Open Source nature. Second thing what made it this success was their awesome team, working hard to make it zero bug product. It has shown outstanding performance with each version out to community.

The product has seen many changes over the time, but what has been most consistent in terms of functionality is Community Edition.

No value addition in free edition makes a complete business sense! Having said that, that has encouraged and provided great opportunity to developers, freelancers, SugarCRM partners to stand out in market with numerous add-ons!

SugarCRM Community has been most active community and developers, freelancers, SugarCRM partners has made so many add-ons to enrich SugarCRM Community Edition not just next to Professional Editions but better than that.

I have witnessed SugarCRM's growth starting from v4.5 till today! And waiting for its biggest leap with v7!

Community Edition is loved and nurtured by many people around the globe and we too are contributors in making SugarCRM an unmatched CRM product in market.

Naming few, WYSIWYG, Meeting Map Reminder, Sticky Note, Not followed Opportunities, Sugar Feed, SociaLead

The support we got from SugarCRM end-users, inspired us to think big and in few months, we pour heart and soul in making most promising premium products and utility add-ons.

Starting from most recent,

SugarCRM Community Edition Theme (One time purchase of only $399, now at discounted rate!)

This product transforms your SugarCRM Community Edition, to look like Professional version!

- 4 colors to choose from
- Iconic menus 
- Optimized screen space
- Clean, sharp, flat designed dashboard
- Inputs are fully styled to make your UX convenient  

Users can choose color of their choice to feel most comfortable while staring at screen for long working hours! A sneak peek

Customer Self Service Portal ($500 a month / Buy Once!)

Make your customers closely connected with you, 24x7 and from any internet enabled device.

- Multi-language support (For community edition: Installed language support.)
- Update own profile
- Change language preference
- Manage newsletter subscriptions
- Manage cases
- Manage bugs
- Manage leads
- Request a call
- Request a meeting
- Easily find anything with the global search
- Seamless bi-directional integration
- Fast page load
- Works on all major devices
- Unlimited portal users 

Try demo portaldemo.urdhva-tech.com

Duplicate Detector (One time purchase of only $199)

Very much dependent on manual data entry? Take advantage of this add-on to your gain, for efficient data entry.

- Wizard to set up duplicate check on different fields in any module
- +1-862-145-589 is considered duplicate against1862145589
- Urdhva-Tech is considered same as Urdhva Tech.

tagMe (One time purchase of only $249)

Organize or Categories your Contacts/Leads/Accounts by tagging them precisely.

- Color coded tags
- Comes as field type, so you can create a field in any module
- Tag cloud dashboard
- Mass add/replace your tags
- Global search tags
- Search by tags 

Meeting Map Reminder (Only $365 a year, now it is FREE!!)

Alike free version of MMR, this premium add-on gives end-user a google map showing the location on map and then use mobile's built-in GMap app to find distance between two meetings or locate nearby restaurants, etc.

- Simplest installation
- Auto send emails to sales-rep having meetings planned
- Allows administrator to manage when to send out emails



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