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Greetings from Urdhva Tech!
Thank you for following the Tour. In case you landed up directly to this page, following is the Index.
3. Admin - The King - II
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This article will concentrate on features available in Community Edition(v6.5.15). Stay tuned for PRO+ features for Admin.

Lets take next section
This section is meant to help you guide through various resources of SugarCRM. If you find a bug, you can report, Sugar Updates will help you know if your SugarCRM version is out of date, and online documentation lands you to Administrative guide for SugarCRM.
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This section is most important and gives you sense of responsibility to maintain your CRM system well managed and easier to use everyday!

System Settings

Admin > System section > System Settings 

Numerous settings from single page!

All these settings are system wide.

Personalized settings
  • Upload company logo.
  • Show favicon to graphically show user in which module they are.

Dashlet settings

  • Restrict user to alter Home page.
  • Restrict number of dashlets on Home page.
  • Manage refresh rate for dashlet.
Utilize Screen Space and manage page loads
  • Number of records to be displayed on List View/page and in subpanel. Less the number, faster the page load. Less the number, less the scrolling in List view. Use search to filter records instead of showing larger number of records.
  • Restrict user to alter subpanel order.
  • Let user know Server Response time to show how long it takes to load the page.
  • Manage AJAX enabled modules here, not to load whole page every time.
  • Keep "Display actions within menus" checked to have actions in pull down menu.
  • Show users full name in Assigned to Or any relate field of module Users. 
Manage Convert Lead options

  • Copy/Move/Do nothing activities shared with Leads to converted Contact.
  • Once converted the Lead, remove the action to convert again!
Admin level settings
  • Proxy settings
  • Skype integration for end user
  • Validate IP address, if mismatched, user logs out of system
  • Log memory usage, log slow query, important when system runs slower than normal. Set threshold mili-sec to log query.
Import/Upload restriction

  • Restrict user not to upload heavy files than your settings
  • Restrict user not to import more than n number of records
Logger Level Settings 
  • Name your log file. Manage how heavy it should be at once. 
  • Set appropriate logger level. In production copy, it must be set to Fatal, not to make log heaviest.
  • You can read log from View Log link.
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