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Greetings from Urdhva Tech!

This blog so far has concentrated on developer's tricks and tips. But a middle of a night thought drove me back to the feeling I had as a newbie in SugarCRM, and how clueless I was about the use cases of each module of the product. So yes, lets take a tour of functional SugarCRM. 

I welcome comments from fellow SugarCRM masters across the globe, to come forward and help make it a better explanation to community.


When you have a business, no matter how small it is, it is based on your valuable customers. Now, customers can be buyers, resellers, readers, retailers, etc. 

When your business is small, very specific number of customers, it makes perfect sense to use manual (if you have a computer, you will create a folder for each of your customer, use MS office tools to store your interaction with them) or maintain a diary (in 21st century?)

Any method you go for makes your valuable information vulnerable. In even digital manner, it is at risk, if it is on your internet virus exposed device.

As you grow, over a period of time, you will realize and need a system to well maintain customer information. Why not from day-1?

SugarCRM is best for any business. Why?

  • It is open source, one. 
  • It is free, community edition, two. 
  • It has seamless upgrade process from CE to PRO+, three. 
  • So flexible that you can customize it by yourself, four. 
  • Clean and easy interface, five. 
  • Richest community that never leaves you unanswered, six. Countless advantages!

If I continue writing about its richness, the preface will end up as a huge article by itself!

So, lets jump to functional part of the product.

I here target people who have just came across SugarCRM first time. A new fresh developer/a business owner fall for a new companion for better sales force.

Either of you, are first an admin to setup your first implementation of CRM.

I consider you have PHP stack installed.

Nope? Here > Linux | Windows

I consider you have downloaded SugarCRM. Nope? Here > Pick latest one

Now you are ready to be an administrator of the system. The simplest and most effective and explanatory wizard helps you install your first system.

Choose demo data if you are just to test how the system works, but not when you want the clean database to start using it for your own business.

After successful installation, first thing you'd do is, get your users access to system.

Stay tuned! Next article will drive you to Admin section and get you through how robust the system is!

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