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Duplicate data is a serious issue for any company using multiple platforms to manage their data. It occurs when an exact copy of a record is created as a different entry in the same database.

We’ve all dealt with duplicate data before. Whether we upload it ourselves into SuiteCRMs through a data import function or mistakenly create a second entry manually, data is entered by a source from outside your company, or data is integrated from different source systems that bypass data validation rules. When you integrate SuiteCRM with a new platform or import records manually, there's a good chance you'll experience at least some data duplication, despite the fact that SuiteCRM does have some duplicate data detection systems in place.

According to experts, duplication rates between 10%–30% are not uncommon for companies without data quality initiatives in place.

Those duplicate records can affect a company in a variety of ways and result in huge costs. for example, You have same customer with different email address or may be with different phone no. and you are sending the same marketing message. What happens? The customer feels like a number and not a person. They end up sending your messages to spam and blocking your calls. Also, the customer will no longer trust you.

Poor customer service:

Having multiple customer records in your database makes a single customer view impossible. Companies with large numbers of duplicate customer records will never have a clear understanding of their interaction with those customers. for example, Email communication may store in different records for same customer. Similar way for customer feedback too.

The costs associated with data duplication are higher than you might think.For example, duplicate customer records in a database can eat into budgets when customers are contacted multiple times with the same marketing materials. Similar way, the cost is also associate with productivity. A sales representative that calls the same customer multiple times due to data duplication also sees their productivity obstruct and may annoy the customer with all those phone calls.

Inefficiency and lack of productivity:

Duplicate records affects your customer service, if customer calls for the help,and your support guy is continuesly searching for the right profile info of your customer. He cannot focus on the actual issue to resolve instead he is searching for missing information that are in other dupicate records. This is just one example, similar way your employee will loose the confidence in longer run and that affects the sales forecast too.

Your sales reps are now in doubt of all the information in the database, undermining confidence in the system and slowing productivity.

Possiblity of Opportunitly lost will be higher:

Having multiple records makes confusion in between your team and customers. It may possible that same customers will be followed up by two differnt sales reps because they have two or more records of the same customer. they are trying to make appointments to the same customer mutliple time or adding notes of it and on the next call customer was expecting that you are aware of the last call but due to duplicate record it was in differnt profile.

Higher possibility of negative brand reputation:

Having multiple records for the same customers will eat your huge marketing budget with no output. For example, You are sending them a catalogue or goodies via mail. Thus it is a big waste of materials and money. Similar way it will also affects to your brand reputation too. Mutliple time errorneus emails or messages, that can lead to the frustration of the customer, that may build a lead to the competing companies to offer better customer services.

How to remove duplicate data in suitecrm?

Duplicate cleaner is SuiteCRM Add-on that finds duplicate data from SuiteCRM modules and helps you eliminate or merge duplicates manually or automatically. Configure your own conditions to identify the duplicates and get rid of the duplicates.

Duplicate cleaner configuraiton screen for SuiteCRM

Duplicate cleaner refers to a series of techniques that is used to eliminate redundant data in your SuiteCRM. It will be periodically executed based on the rules that you have configured and in succesful execution of methods will eliminate extra duplicate records and delete it having single and correct record. This method not only remove the duplicate records but it also gatherd and merge the records to the correct one with all the relational data like, calls, tasks, meetings etc...

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