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Greetings from Urdhva Tech!!

Today lets live a Sales Representative's Life!

As a Sales Representative, Mr. X, spends whole day on Phone, Conference rooms, Coffee shops, and all the time what is going on in his mind? Nothing, but just the "CUSTOMER" and his details!

I believe you are calling at least 50 Customers (50 x minimum 5 minutes per call, half working day) and engaging with them with product support or do promotional offerings or anything what you get assigned!

At higher position or given a responsibility to meet up few valuable Customers personally, you would definitely want to know them at personal level, a bit, too!

If your Organisation has got rich SugarCRM deployed, with all data, from Office address to Home address to Personal interest, all good! If not, this tool can help you in biggest possible way!!

Lets see from small scale to big scale use cases for tagMe..

Your organisation wants to support a Charity Tennis game played between World's # 1 Novak Djokovic and # 2 Andy Murray!! (I know you are thinking, I want to keep one for myself ;) ) And give away passes to lets say 40 most valued customers!!

And you have got just a few bunch of Contacts, lets say 20,000, and you have to filter those by their interest! Interesting!! What will be your strategy to choose those 40 valuable customers?

Random? No!

Start calling each one to know if they would love to watch a tennis game? No!!!!

Use global elastic search to find word Tennis(You then think, I wish I would have noted it somewhere!!) for Contacts module? No again!!!!! 

Hold on to that thought! And lets take a bigger example... You are meeting up with customer to show off your latest set of products, for example, Fashion accessories for Baby girls aging 3-6 years!

And while giving all excellent words and showing samples, she, the customer, smiles at you and says, I wish I could buy them for myself or wish I had a girl child!!

Looking at just these two examples, you could imagine how miserable you would feel OR if you are owner of Organisation, how your Sales Rep would have felt!!

Get out of that situation now, no more embarrassments...!!! Buy tagMe NOW!!

Wondering what it can do?

Short and sweet, it will save you a lot of time and give a sweet smile on your customers!! What else do you need?

Not yet satisfied? Check whole lot of detail about it, before making confirmed buy, here.

Any questions? I would more than happy to receive them and get back to you ASAP.

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