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Greetings from Urdhva Tech!!

Are you catching up with us with this series? If not, here you go with archive of the series.

Bangggg (i)

Bangggg (ii)

Lets check out a new bang! This time its "Developer's head" which banged badly (This is from the issue I faced on fine Monday morning today!!)

I was working on Project X - just logged in - so was on Home page. Suddenly had to move to Project Y and to my regular practice, I opened a new tab and logged myself in on other SugarCRM - all was good.

As soon as I hit any of the links, I was getting kicked out! And that happened for quite sometime till the time I concentrated on why it was actually happening!

The issue was - Project X - Home screen - having auto refresh dashlets!!
Each time the dashlet got refreshed and found no active sessions, it killed session of Project Y's session and kicking me out from other project!

Solution - close Project X's Home screen tab! :P 

If you ever had such issue, leave comment below with the expression you had on your face and what was your next move!

For me, I had head bang, yeah, with an evil laugh!!

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