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Tag management is the ability to manage user-generated tags within the system. Tagging is fundamentally a means to classify data to make it structured and ultimately useful.

Through Tag Management user can handle large amounts of records with similar attributes or types. User can also easily find any contents, important customer, important notes etc. through appropriate tagging.

Fed up of remembering important clients? Tag them!

This plugin allows you to organize your data by giving those tags!!

Tags are keywords or terms that help describe a contact. Using additional information or notes that you have about your contact, tags help you list the little things about your contact that would normally be forgotten.


Step 1 : Create predefine tags.Once add-on is installed successfully, Go to Admin and access “TagMe Configuration” section. You can have “Manage Predefine Tags” link shown as below.

TagMe Configuration

Step 2 : After accessing “Manage Predefine Tags” link following screen will display.

Manage predefine tag

Step 3 : Once click on “Create Tag” button, dialogue will open to create tag with color selection box.

Create tag

Step 4 : Tag will display as follows.

Predefine Tag ListView

Step 5 : User can also edit tag.

Edit Predefine Tag

Step 6 : Search Tag.

Search Predefine Tag

Step 7 : Manage Regular Users and Populate Limit. From admin “TagMe Configuration” section, access “Manage Regular Users and Populate Limit” link shown as below.

TagMe Configuration

Step 8 : After accessing “Manage Regular Users and Populate Limit” link, screen will display as follows.

Manage regular users and populate limit

Step 9 : How Populate Limit works?

For example, admin user has created different tags which contain word “Police” as shown in below image.

Predefine tag search

There are 12 tags find into system with the word “Police”.

Now if we want to apply tag into module record with the word “Police” then only 10 records will populate for selection because we have set 10 into “Populate Limit” field. See in below snapshot.

Tag populate with limit

Step 10 : How Manage Regular Users works?

Admin users can also restrict regular users from creating new tags into systems. Once regular users are prevented for creating new tags then they must have to select existing tags while create/edit module record with TagMe custom field.

Let’s logged into system with user “Sarah Smith”. We have prevented her for create new tags. There is no tag existing into system with the word “Entertainment” and Sarah want to apply it into TagMe custom field. But because of restriction she can’t do it.

Regular user try to create new tag

Regular user restricted from create new tag

Now let’s try with the admin user. He/she allow creating it. Please look at below image.

Admin user able to create tag

Step 11 : Create field of type “TagMe”

TagMe adds a new field type to Studio that you can add to any module.

tagMe field in studio

Add newly created field into edit, detail and list views. And why not, in subpanel too!

Step 12 : EditView of Contacts module with tagMe custom field.

tagMe field in editview

Step 13 : DetailView of Contacts module with tagMe custom field.

tagMe field in detailview

Step 14 : Click on tag in Detail View of any module, e.g. Contacts, and you will have the list of Contacts having that tag (assuming that the Tag field is available in Advance search), or use Advance Search.

tagMe field in listview

Step 15 : SubpanelView of Contacts module with tagMe custom field.

tagMe field in subpanelview

Step 16 : “TagMe Cloud” Dashlet. You have a new dashlet named “tagMe Cloud”, which gives insight of tags used system wide. Often the tag is used, bigger the tag size will be in dashlet.

tagMe cloud dashlet

Step 17 : You may drill down the data by tags from dashlet. Click on a tag, and it will show up a page showing all records across the system having that tag.

tagMe field in global search

Step 18 : Mass update tags.You can now add or replace tags using a new action in list view.

tagMe mass update menu

tagMe mass update dialogue

If you choose “Add”, new tags get added to selected records. If you choose “Replace”, it will delete old tags and assign new tags.

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