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Greetings from Urdhva Tech!
Thank you for following the Tour. In case you landed up directly to this page, following is the Index.
3. Admin - The King - II
4. Admin - The King - III 
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This article will concentrate on features available in Community Edition(v6.5.15). Stay tuned for PRO+ features for Admin.

Lets continue System section
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Import Wizard

Admin > System section > Import Wizard
From here, an admin can import data of different modules from one place! It provides option to select a module, and then gives simplest Import Steps Wizard.
If someone is non-admin, and has permission to import data, he gets a menu in individual module, e.g. Import Contacts, Import Accounts, likewise.
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Admin > System section > Locale
Here an admin can setup locale parameters like, system wide default date-time settings, Currency settings, Expert settings, and database collation.
All of these settings are configurable at user level. You can set these for x user by Admin > Users management > Select user > Advanced tab. User X can set these settings by himself too.
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Upgrade wizard

Admin > System section > Upgrade wizard
This is an important link when SugarCRM releases a new version. If you are using an on-demand version of SugarCRM, you are care free about this!
If you are using SugarCRM on-premise, this is what you will need quite often!
It is again a step through wizard, and takes time to finish an upgrade. So, it is always advisable to run an upgrade process only over weekends or when nobody uses the system. First take full backup of  database and SugarCRM code base. Then only proceed to upgrade process.
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