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Greetings from Urdhva Tech!
Thank you for following the Tour. In case you landed up directly to this page, following is the Index.
5. Admin - The King - IV
6. .. Coming soon ..
This article will concentrate on features available in Community Edition(v6.5.15). Stay tuned for PRO+ features for Admin.

Lets continue System section


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Admin > System section > Currencies
SugarCRM comes up with international currency support. Here you can introduce currencies you deal with in your business. Give abbreviation, symbol and conversion ratio. You can deactivate a currency too. This is system wide settings. AFAIK, the conversion ratio is not live.


Admin > System section > Backups 
This is what you would do on periodic basis, and when you are doing upgrades. It is advisable to perform backup before you install any third party tool, which has un-upgrade safe(which means the package overwrites core files to fulfill its functionality) changes.
It asks for two parameters, where you want to store the backup and what the backup file should be named. P.S. Here you have to provide file name with extension .zip
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Admin > System section > Languages
With SugarCRM CE comes only one language US English. So, for language support you have to go to SugarForge and get desired language pack and install it through Module Loader.
From here, you can activate or deactivate set of languages for your SugarCRM Users.


Ask a SugarCRM developer how magical and important this part is!!
Whenever you find something awkward in your SugarCRM instance, first thing you would do is, 
Admin > System section > Repair > Quick Repair and Rebuild
99% of issues will be resolved by this magical link. It removes cached files of views from cache. Rebuilds Extensions, Logic hooks, Menus, Vardefs, Utils, Relationships, ... and list goes on. It checks in database for any missing table or field, if found, shows you a query, you verify and press Execute button and see the magic!
Repair has many other separate options, like Repair Roles, Rebuild Sugar Dashlets, Repair Relationships, and so on.
Special mention:
> You can enable/disable seed users, which you may have created through demo data while initial installation.
> You can delete files which failed to removed when you removed a related record to it. It is a clean up process, so takes a little time. Be patient!
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