22 Comments | Urdhva Tech | 2016-10-24 | Tags: SuiteCRM Theme SuiteCRM Responsive Theme SuiteP Theme

Fine tunning the SuiteCRM's new theme (SuiteP)

With so many of our customers and leads asking for some correction to the SuiteCRM's new theme SuiteP. We are so excited to share the fine tuned look of SuiteP.

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0 Comments | Urdhva Tech | 2016-10-21 | Tags: EmailOptin Email Campaign Email Campaign EmailList EmailOptedOut EmailOptedIn

How to achieve Double Opt-In Email Sign-Up in SuiteCRM

A double opt-in email list is like any email based newsletter where people can sign-up through the webpage. What makes an email list “double opt-in” is that any person who subscribes must confirm their request twice.

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0 Comments | Urdhva Tech | 2016-07-07 | Tags: SugarCRM SuiteCRM WebToLead WebForm LeadGeneration

WebToModule : Create WebToLeadForm other than Leads Module

Not able to create WebToLeadForm for any module except Leads? Use this WebToModule. You can able to create WebForms for any module including the custom one.

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0 Comments | Urdhva Tech | 2016-02-11 | Tags: SubPanel SugarCRM DetailView

Remove Subpanel From DetailView If It Doesn't Have Records

Remove Subpanel From DetailView If It Doesn't Have Records.

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1 Comments | Urdhva Tech | 2015-05-28 | Tags: ListView MultiSelect Search Custom Operator

MultiSelect Field In Advance Search With Custom Operator

Interesting request has been asked by one of our client. Would love to share it! Question : Search on MultiSelect field with the custom AND,OR and NOT operator.

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